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Vulnerability Assessment and Management

AnytimeTEK.com performs thorough Network Security Assessment draw from two analyses:

1) Reviewing all of your network equipment.

2) Interviewing all personnel who are handling your company data.

After the thorough Network Security Assessment, We partner with you to set strategic goals and budget to tighten down the found exploits, with accurate solution. At the same time, we will create program to establish periodical Re-assessment on a regular basis to ensure Network Vulnerability is at its minimum.

We review all of your Network Equipment and interview all Personnel whose are handling your company data. Our consultants are Information Security Experts in the field who can review your Routers, Switches, Servers, Firewalls, VPN and Wireless Networks to ensure that all equipment are properly configured and security focused.

Besides reviewing your Network Equipment, We also interview all personnel who are handling data in your corporation to ensure awareness about Internet Security, Internal Network Security, Partner Network Security, Computer Virus Protection, E-mail Protection, and Data Protection. We then partner with you to create awareness program and training program to ensure general principals of best Information Security practice is delivered.

Based on thorough findings drawn from the Network Security Assessment, we will bring in security products to help tighten down your existing vulnerability. At the same time, we will help set up security programs to continue keeping company vulnerability at its minimum. For example, we may introduce monitoring of equipment or authentication equipment, or help create a patch updating program and Network Re-Assessment on a regular basis.

Besides adding new products to reduce vulnerability, we also use data gathered from interviewing your personnel to ensure company policy and procedure reflects your current practice. We will help create new policy or update existing policy to safeguard the entire company’s administration. We will help set up security program to ensure company policy and procedure are kept current. And at the same time, we may introduce periodic audit to the company’s policy and procedure.


After providing a thorough assessment about your company equipment combine with the interview of your company personnel, we partner with you to reduce your internal Vulnerability and create ongoing program to manage and keep vulnerability at a minimum level. Please see list below for a list service that we provide:

· Design, Implementation and Testing to reduce your network security vulnerability

· Create corporate Network Security Program

· Periodic Network Security Re-Assessment (3 to 6 months depending on how frequent changes occurs)

· Periodic audits to maintain security program policy and procedure

· Partner with you to provide leadership and guidance on Network Security Project Management.

· Partner with you to deliver Security Awareness Program to your internal users

· Partner with you to create Anti-Virus Program

· Partner with you to provide Modem and Phone Line Security Assessment

· Network Risk and Disaster Recovery Assessment and Management

· Firewall redundancy and load balancing procurement

· Two Factors Authentication and Secure ID implementation

· Biometric Authentication

· VPN network architecture

· Mail Content Delivery

· Network Vulnerability Scanning

· Network Intrusion Detection

· Network Intrusion Prevention

· Enterprise-Wide Network Security Monitoring

· Wireless IP Security and connectivity

· Host base Firewall



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